$9/hour to $74,000/year in 2 weeks

You know when you were little and everyone told you could be whatever you want to be in life?  Well, I’m one of the few 25 year olds that still believe that.  Call me delusional, but life is this undefined experience that changes by the moment and you can either put a seat belt on and hold on for the ride or you can jump in the front seat and take charge.  Yes, there are those times when you graduate with an MBA with $70k worth of student loan debt and receive zero call backs for 6 months trying to find a job when you think hmm…maybe being an astronaut isn’t really going to happen.  But when you desperately take that job as a Hostess at a restaurant and move in with mom to share a bedroom with your 8 year old sister, life could be setting you up for greater successes than you could imagine.

That’s my story over the past year.  I was at my lowest- working for $9/hour as a Hostess, unable to even start paying the minimum on my student loans, just moved to a new place with very few friends to live with Mom, broke up with the boyfriend of 6 years and kinda fat.  Okay not fat, but I did gain weight and felt awful about myself.  I felt my dreams of being a millionaire CEO of a global organization were childish and the real world was a cruel, unfair place.

That’s when life yelled “PSYCH” and the stormy clouds started clearing.  Two weeks after taking a Hostess position for a new restaurant I knew nothing about, I had already worked my way up as a server where $200-$300 a night in tips were the norm.  On top of that, I was offered a full-time flexible HR Manager position…within TWO WEEKS!  I figured I would keep the serving job to help pay student loans faster and worked both jobs for the last year.

You never know why things work out the way they do.  What might seem like a terrible burden could be a ginormous blessing in disguise.  I now wake up in my own large one-bedroom apartment to the ocean waves crashing across the street and saved over $10,000 for my dream coffee shop and a month long backpacking trip I have planned for next month.  I’ve met the most incredible best friends I could ever ask for working at the restaurant!  If I wasn’t put in a desperate situation where working as a Hostess would be something I would even consider, let alone pursue, I would never be in the situation I am now.  Don’t lose faith in your goals or plans just because things might not be working out the way you expect them to.  You might not be able to completely control the path your life takes, but you really can get whatever you want out of life if you keep going.  That’s just my 2 cents anyways…

Yours Truly,

xoxo Netty


Tinder Life Lessons

So, turns out Jimmy wasn’t a leprechaun.  He was actually a really fun, charming, intelligent and handsome guy!  We met at a tiny brewery next door to the venue where we were to catch the show.  I wore a little black dress with a black cardigan, my hair curled and I’m feeling pretty confident in an awkward way walking in.  I honestly didn’t expect to recognize him, but as I walked in he confidently approached me, in what seemed like a delighted manner- phew!  I get a beer and join a discussion between his 45 year old male cousin (whom he was with) and him regarding how they both thought all day that it was Friday, not Thursday.  They made some jokes about it and I laughed a little too hard and too loud for the situation- making it a little awkward, but they didn’t seem to mind.  I gulped my beer and tried to add to the conversation where I could.  After the first beer, I was feeling a little loose and actually really started having fun with these guys!  I worked up the courage to tell a very long and drawn out story about my car breaking down on the pass at Big Bear at night forcing me to hitchhike.  I felt like I was talking forever, but they seemed really interested in what I had to say–so I kept talking.  And talking.  And then I realized I was rambling on a crazy tangent.  Despite my audience seeming genuinely captivated, I abruptly stopped mid-sentence, took a big gulp of beer and exclaimed as if I had tourettes “let’s go to the show!”

So we went next door, watched an indie band, laughed at the fact all my friends and family were texting me non-stop because they knew I was on my first tinder date, laughed some more and danced the night away.  At one point in the hazy night between beers flowing and loud music, I stopped in the moment and embraced every inch of it.  Here I was, front row facing a small stage, red and blue stage lights beaming, music blaring, Jimmy’s hands around my waist, people dancing around me and I couldn’t help but smile.  My heart was racing with excitement and pure happiness.  Moments like this are what life is meant for.  I felt so alive!  If I let myself bail yesterday because I was too nervous Jimmy might be weird or he might, for some God forsaken reason, not like me, I would have never experienced that moment of pure bliss.  Really living life requires putting yourself out there and taking risks.  That’s just my 2 cents anyway.

p.s. Jimmy wants to see me tomorrow night, guess he had a good time too!

Yours Truly,

Netty xoxo

First Tinder Date…

I always swore to myself I would never participate in online dating and I sure the hell would never date anyone from Tinder.  So naturally, tonight I’m going on my first tinder date.  His name is Jimmy 29 years old aaaand that’s about all I know about the guy.  Highly doubt I’ll recognize him, as all of his pictures either have sunglasses on, he’s making a funny face or is over exposed.  I even put my awesome stalker skills to work and can’t find anything on the internet.  For all I know he’s a deaf 4’2 leprechaun who’s going to feast my brains and wear my skin as a mask.

I texted *not sexted- actually just talked- to Jimmy a couple times, quick texts- of which I found out we both like to travel.  Last night, he invited me to a show at the Belly Up playing tonight.  The “Yes Man” inside of my quickly responded not with “that would be cool” to give me time to think about it, but a “Heck yeah! Count me in for sure!”  Of course he offers to snag me a ticket and here I am.  What the heck did I get myself into this time…

Not only have I never dated anyone that I didn’t know really well prior, but this will be my first time out with a guy in over a year and a half (when I broke up with my boyfriend of 6 years).  Yay me for choosing a random guy off the street who I probably won’t be able to pick out of a crowd.  Maybe I should ask him to hold up a sign that says my name…or maybe I should wear a “Hello, my name is” sticker.

Well, stay tuned.  I have a feeling this is going to be good…

Yours Truly,

xoxo Netty